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Here you'll find our ever-growing collection of premium short and feature films from Blue Forge Films and our independent studio partners. There's no monthly fee. Our short films cost $0.99 to rent and our feature films cost $2.99; after payment, you'll be automatically redirected to watch. You can also own any film on dvd (prices vary) or for $9.99 as a digital download; you'll receive a download link within 24 hours. Watch the trailers below then click the appropriate link to rent or purchase a film. If you're looking for free films, television series, and web series, please visit BlueFlix Lite.

Dogs of War

Short Film. Rated 18+. Struggling to find peace after deployment, Tom moves through the motions of life while his wife Kat drowns in emotions for both of them. When their teenage son lashes out, is it a wake up call or a call for help? Dogs of War stars Ralph Smith, Stacey Venzel and Maxwell Kier DiMarco, and features Gabriel T. Rushin.

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Epic Washington

Short Film. Rated 13+. Online Rental. When Cliff moves from Seattle to Los Angeles to make it big in Hollywood, he promises his filmmaker friends he won’t forget them. So when an opportunity drops into his lap, he and Junior Associate Producer Kyle embark on a road trip to create the most epic feature-film-short-film-anthology of all time. Epic Washington is the first in Darryl Robert Small’s series that gathers filmmakers of all skill levels and connects their short films with the adventures of Cliff and Kyle.

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From the Debris

Short Film. Rated 13+. Why are we drawn to the dangerous? When we act on compulsions are we embracing our deepest wishes? From the Debris is the story of four people driven to discover the unimaginable. Written and directed by best-selling novelist and poet, Jennifer DiMarco, the film is presented in four elemental segments featuring Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco (Ghost Noir, Maxwell Kier DiMarco (Those Who Remain), Angela DiMarco (Brides to Be), and Daniel Christensen (The Coffee Table).

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Ghost Noir

Feature Film. Rated 13+. The alternate world of Ghost Noir looks like our own 1940s... with some gritty differences. Demons roam the streets. Death is almost impossible. And no one is older than sixteen. Detective Camille Delatore is trying to ignore the disappearance of her free-spirited brother by throwing herself into her work, but all roads lead to Roman, and Camille realizes the world itself holds secrets beyond imagining.

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My Wyvern Heart

Short Film. Rated 13+. Karen is a painter who can’t fill her canvas. Julia is her daughter who just wants to heal her heart. The tragedy these two women shared is barely remembered by one of them but nonetheless it shapes their lives.

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Those Who Remain

Short Film. Rated 18+. Those Who Remain is a short film thriller with a bright streak of humor tempered by a dark foundation. When young Daniel Lyon takes a job as a night janitor at The Center, he has no idea he'll have to clean up after dead bodies and demons. Featuring a grand cast of characters, Those Who Remain has layers of meaning and way more creepy fun than Daniel can wipe away with bleach. "I see dead people," Ellie tells Daniel but he only shrugs: "Yeah. That's common around here."

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Short Film. Rated 18+. Online Rental. What is “normal” and what trade-offs do we ask our children to make to conform? Why do we resist diversity when difference can be our greatest asset? Jack isn’t like other boys and usually he handles the world just fine. But when a series of bad-timing and bad calls by the adults around him set off a chain of events beyond his control, Jack’s carefully planned life crumbles around him.

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